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Mural fresco found in Pompeii and kept in the British Museum. Among the many Greek-Roman minor deities Hebe, the goddess of youth, is little known today. We could define her as the first female sommelier. She played the extremely important role of handmaid-baker of ambrosia. She prepared the sacred drink to be administered to the gods of Olympus to make them strong, immortal, invincible and eternally young. It is always represented with a cup and an ampoule and often in the presence of an eagle, a representation of the father of all the gods and an animal consecrated to him (Jupiter for the Romans). The eagle was assumed in Roman culture as an emblem of the Empire and its invincible and rapacious military power. The Greek Hebe became for the Romans Juventas, protector of young people approaching the military age, festivities were celebrated in her honor and sacrifices and gifts were offered in the temple dedicated to her on the Palatine Hill. During the empire of Nero and Augustus it experienced the greatest prestige, in the following centuries its myth declined and disappeared until it almost lost its memory, but its history and its figure remain of great charm.



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Pompeian dish. Hebe Enofora

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Every great work of art has two faces, one for its time and one for the future, for eternity. Art is what the world will become, not what the world is. When a work of art seems ahead of its time, it is true that time is behind the work. Elegant, unique and refined, the objects of Pulchra Imago are the expression of the eternity of the beauty of art, whatever era it belongs to. A walk through history, on the trail of manual skills and aesthetics over time. Pulchra Imago means “Beautiful Image” in Latin, the language of our origins and which spans millennia. The charm of the past, art and history are translated by Cristina Casali into trays, valet trays, ornamental plates, crystal paperweights that can be inserted into any furnishing context. Pulchra imago respects the authorship of the works, applying the original image in high definition under glass, in a sort of permanent crystallization, testifying to the immortality of contemporary art. After a long process the work is finished in gold, silver or copper leaf. The selection of prints is also declined on natural textiles, linen, hemp, cotton. Particular attention goes to the recovery of dusty linens, sheets and tablecloths forgotten in the family trunks. We invite our customers to give them new life, personalizing them with our proposals, to create cushions, runners, placemats ... different furnishing accessories, which smell of home and past affections. An archive of over 100,000 artistic images full of details, monograms, symbolisms will guarantee a choice absolutely designed for a meaningful and classy object, for oneself or for a non-trivial and valuable gift.
Ho già acquistato da loro. Le creazioni sono di ottima fattura. I venditori sono persone gentili e disponibili e soprattutto precisi e puntuali. Consiglio a tutti di acquistare le loro creazioni.
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si vede che tutto è lavorato e realizzato a mano, lo indosso spesso e non passa inosservato. elegante fine delizioso unico come non se ne vedono in giro.
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Tempi di consegna veloci, confezionata in modo adeguato e ottimo anche per un regalo.
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Non ho parole per esprimere la mia sorpresa all'arrivo del pacco, super-celere, perfettamente incartato e accompagnato da biglietto
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Soddisfattissima ;)
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