PAFFF! studio Venezia
PAFFF! studio Venezia
PAFFF! Studio is a project born on a winter Sunday over a cup of tea, fabrics, yarn baskets and children's fashion magazines. Put an English tailor and designer / pattern maker, a Venetian textile designer and a compulsive Tuscan knitter at the same table and ... pafff! passion inevitably takes over!
We create for your children entirely handmade garments, from tailoring to knitwear, original and colorful, some of which are unique pieces that cannot be replicated because they are made with vintage fabrics that are now unavailable. We combine style with comfort, essential for the little ones who have to move with ease and freedom. We want cheerful children who love what they wear, free to play and, why not, even original!
Imagine Venice, cold and crispy on a sunny winters day (afternoon Tea). A full box containing yarns and yarns of threads, piles of children's books and fashion magazines are strewn all over the table. Sitting around the table is a versatile English Dressmaker / Designer Pattern maker, a Venetian textile designer and a compulsive knitter from Toscana. Ideas start flowing and suddenly "Pafff! Studio. A children's clothing company is created. The garments are individually cut, sewn and finished by hand, many of the Knitwear are one offs. Original Knitwear and clothing is created using top quality yarns and prints from discontinued production, often vintage and from own personal archive collections.
Pafff! Studio believe style and comfort is important for your children at this early stage in their lives. They should be happy, comfortable and stylish.