Ori by Orietta Grisoni
Ori by Orietta Grisoni
Who is Ori?
A dreamer, who has always been passionate about everything that is creativity, has made fashion her job. It was thanks to his hometown, Como, that it all began!
From an early age she wanted to "draw" and today she paints, observes, interprets, sews and stitches creating emotions.
Curious and attentive observer, she loves to travel in search of new sensations.

What is the Ori collection?
It is the desire to create an exclusive Made in Italy product, unique and sophisticated, created and manufactured in Como, the city of silk par excellence.
Each print is born from a lived experience, transformed and reinterpreted.
Why the scarf?
The foulard is like a painting, it can tell a story through colors, brushstrokes and shapes. Orietta tries in her own way, with her sensitivity.
Wearing a foulard is not just wearing a precious fabric, but also letting yourself be carried away by a story.
Mini bag Ori "Flower soft".
- 18%
110.00 90.00
Paris scarf, flower soft. Cod. 124.
- 50%
140.00 70.00
Bali scarf, blue touches. Cod. 121.
- 50%
140.00 70.00
KimOri Bali, "Fantastic Rocks".
- 27%
150.00 110.00