MuMa is the new way of seeing Murano glass. Productions to give and to wear.
Contemporary lines of furniture and costume jewelery suitable not only for classic environments but also designed to stand out in more modern and extra minimalist environments.
Jewels designed for the most demanding women and attentive to every detail of their look.
Thanks to the wide range of artistic productions rigorously hand-made by Murano Glass Masters only for MuMa Lights & Objects.
Enviable unique items that will distinguish you from the boring offer that you could unfortunately find everywhere.
But not in the vast shop of MuMa Lights & Objects.
Exclusive and specially tailored productions for you in hand-blown artistic glass, ideal as a gift or treat yourself.
Lots of furnishing accessories vases, glasses, statues, sculptures but also a lot of women's costume jewelery and lighting for every environment. In addition to custom-made spare parts for your beautiful Murano chandeliers and chandeliers with Crystals ... the real, brilliant, luminous ones.

All rigorously made in Italy and above all made in Venice.

Come in and take a seat in our wide selection and if you have any questions I am ready to answer you.

bye, see you soon
Steel and white gold Murano glass lamp.
- 27%
99.50 72.50
Authentic Murano murrina millefiori bowl vase
- 15%
259.00 219.00
Vero Murano white blue vase. Event gift
- 9%
229.00 209.00
Authentic Murano murrina millefiori bowl vase
- 25%
285.00 215.00
Murano vase with relief design and mixed colors.
- 26%
Authentic Murano vase with relief design. Gift
- 26%
195.00 145.00
Murano black and red woman pendant necklace
- 18%
27.90 22.90