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The Atelier of unique creations for the person and the BeatMade home. Here you can find what is available for immediate delivery. If you need personalized advice, you can contact me via the website Put the site in your favorites and come back to visit me often! News is very common in these parts! I am waiting for you! Ps. Above € 40, shipping is always free!
Pop couture with upcycle techniques
Accessories, extrait perfumes and home fragrance diffusers
Welcome! In my shop you will find finished products that are the result of craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality of materials. Above all pure wool and yarns suitable for an audience that deserves a lot of attention ... children! The products are available only in the sizes in the description. My name is Cristina and here you will find my hands, my mind and my heart.
Hello! I'm Lara, owner of 12.21Jewelry. I make necklaces, bracelets and earrings in nickel free steel, using pendants in epoxy resin. The peculiarity of my brand is that the pendants are made without molds, allowing the material to take the shape that the Universe has decided for it, without constraints. What ensues are unique pieces, a bit like us!
“13 Gioie” produces 100% sustainable jewelry, made entirely of aluminum and designed by Pierfrancesco Arnone. Aluminum is a material that has many peculiarities, difficult to extract because it is not present in nature in its pure state and at the same time 100% sustainable, a material for which in Italy we have the primacy as the first European producer of recycled aluminum and third producer in the world after the United States and Japan. The products are always shiny, do not oxidize, are non-toxic, unalterable and above all extremely light. Jewelery designed for both men and women, with a minimal but not trivial design, because the big difference between banality and simplicity lies in the fact that simplicity is difficult to obtain: “Less is more” said Mies Van der Rohe. But why the number 13? For superstitious people it might be difficult to accept, but in reality 13 is the atomic number of aluminum, and in numerology, the karmic number 13 represents death, transformation and rebirth for which the... More
1969 t shirt
I would like to launch my own brand, men's and women's t-shirts and accessories
2 Elle
Designer tablecloths Our tablecloths are unique pieces in which ancient fabrics and modern fabrics are mixed, freely inspired by paintings by artists who lived between 1920 and 1950 They can also be made with the customer's antique fabrics and in the desired sizes.
3A Creazioni
3A Creazioni is an artistic decoration workshop, born from the love of mum and dad for their baby. We create handmade favors, customized graphics and decorations for Parties, Baptisms, Communions or Weddings; objects for the home and family, original gifts for all occasions. An artistic touch to make your event as unique as you have always dreamed of, lovingly cared for down to the smallest detail! Contact us to plan your wishes together.
3D Print © SAYU • All right reserved •
3D Print Shop © SAYU • All right reserved • - 3D Print Series - © SAYU • All right reserved • - 3D Print Collection - © SAYU • All right reserved • - On request we can make 3D prints of your subjects, starting from an idea sketch, also wanting from your idea! Each subject requested and created will then be protected by copyright, obviously if it is a subject already on the market covered by copyright it will be feasible if it has already been approved for use for reproduction and commercial purposes. © SAYU • All right reserved •
3DLD Art
3DLD was born from the will of the artist Licia Trobia, to implement the ideas and works, the artistic artifacts that have been part and continue to be part of his life path It relies on the most varied forms of art, from painting, to sculpture, to modeling, to decoration. Daughter of the weapon, she nourishes and studies art, medicine ... After a training course that certifies her as a master of art and not only, Licia dedicates herself for years to medicine but art, she, ... not never abandons her! Thus was born 3DLD Art, that seed that, in a small art laboratory, continues to water and cultivate ...
4:48 sartoria creativa
4:48 is a small artisan reality of accessories and women's clothing. May creativity be with us ❤️
5Cat Collection
5Cat Collection was born in the name of a friendship of 5 teenage girls, one of which was me. We were always together, ready to help each other, love each other, accomplices and sometimes ready to tear us apart but always without malice. We were united by imaginary adventures, group trips to the mountains, school and then growing up our first experiences of love that filled our days with stories that were sometimes beautiful and sometimes desperate, as normally happens to inexperienced girls like us. Now all this is the oasis where I take refuge to laugh to tears, of the beautiful memories in my memory, memories that are an elixir of well-being still in my life, a place that has no temporal space but is so alive as if it were present. It is a treasure that is inside the soul. Here, this is the source of 5 Cat Collection. 5 different cats united by friendship. This is why I decided to dedicate my creations to them and to all the '' gates of the world. The 5 CAT COLLECTION costume jewelery expresses the... More
8th december jewelry
I create unique accessories for passion, mixing various styles to give life to original creations made with the heart
I create jewels inspired by the sensations I feel in creating them
A fil di lana
Handmade creations with fine wool and cotton yarns where size and choice of color are at the discretion of the buyer and for this reason delivery and shipping times vary depending on the model chosen and its processing. The garments being totally handmade will all be original and unique and will never be the same.
Artisan creations objects for furnishing the home, realizations of electric fireplaces, clocks, mirrors, hangers, original wall key rings
AB Atelier
Emotions on canvas. I offer for sale some of my paintings. They contain passion, suggestions, scents, colors and atmospheres that are priceless. and of these I make a gift to you. I would be happy to receive feedback on how you will feel when you have the painting in your hands.
Abacò Shop
Online shop of the Abacò brand, photo / audio / video / graphics production house. Inside you will find the paintings of our Random Artist Abacò, Singer, Producer, VideoMaker and Graphic Designer. Give an Original Gift, Don't Copy!
Abat Book di Art Frigò
The Abat Books are book-lamps that reproduce, by lighting up, the most sought-after covers of famous books. Classic novels and collections of poems become, thanks to Art Frigò, a design object that is also a fascinating lamp to illuminate your readings. A particular and inimitable piece of furniture, self-produced by the Art Frigò studio in its Verona laboratory Real bright quotes from particular editions of the great authors of world literature. An original design project that has photography and graphics as its basis and a totally made in Italy craftsmanship, even on demand.
About Design Mi
Concrete design interior home & accessories Each piece is unique, original, and its choice reflects the emotional sensitivity and love for a wonderfully imperfect type of beauty.
Absolutebag creation
Handmade leather accessories created with a lot of two-handed passion.
Acapo was born from the desire to experiment and the instinct to combine my passions for painting, fabrics and crafts. Each headdress has an unparalleled and timeless history, it is harmony between sewing techniques and materials, sweet and sinuous lines that meet and intertwine elegantly but also combinations of abstract shapes with a light character; everything is shaped with refined and high quality materials.
Choose a person who looks at you like it's magic. FRIDA KAHLO
Acquamarina is a small Genoese shop of handcrafted ceramics, designed, created and decorated by hand. Each object is a unique piece, inspired by the beauty of nature, in particular by the colors of the Ligurian sea and vegetation. Each piece has a special value, a long history of achievements and failures, love and passion for one's work and the will to make your homes unique.
Acrylic Design
Design and manufacture of Plexiglas furnishing accessories.
At Ade's creations you will find many ideas for every occasion, all created by my imagination, clutch bags, bags, decorative items for the home, normal and personalized masks
Since childhood, shapes and colors have been a way for me to convey emotions. Experimenting with the language of shapes, textures, colors. Elements that come to life, following the movement of light.
afb ceramics
afb ceramics produces strictly handmade ceramic objects, in limited series or unique pieces as small works of art to enrich the home with style and poetry.
Handcrafted article with particular attention to detail. Unique and customizable pieces uniquely handmade. Love for hand embroidery.
Afrodite Creazioni is an artisan goldsmith workshop, where you can discover a now lost world in which Alessandro Farnetani and his wife use their hands and their skills to create unique objects and precious jewels, according to the ancient goldsmith traditions.
Agape Store
I make hand-painted custom paintings and dresses.
Agata bijoux
Sale of costume jewelery necklaces, bracelets, earrings and much more at affordable prices
Ago Bags
Scrupulously handmade craftsmanship
I am a lover of recycling, do-it-yourself, manual skills and creativity that keep the awake mind trained and always young. My items are entirely handmade with various materials. The bread paper to make delicious miniature nativity scenes, the Sicilian coffees decorated with lace, fabrics and accessories, the bijoutteria in macrame and always with the macrame technique: curtains, tapestries, dream catchers: carpets, centerpieces, placemats with the technique of patchwook and much more.
The Masseria del Vagamondo project was born from the desire to reconnect with Mother Earth through an alternative and sustainable lifestyle. This artisanal product is the synthesis of the values of the project. For our natural soy wax candles we have chosen the name Ahimsa. Ahimsa in Sanskrit means "non-violence". The first evidence of the word dates back to the 5th century BC. in the context of Indian philosophy, particularly in the Hindu Upanishad scriptures. However, it was also used in Buddhism and Jainism. This term indicates respect for the spirit and nature: it means living in peace and harmony with everything around us. Among the first to introduce the term in the West is Mahatma Gandhi, who describes it with these words: “Literally Ahimsa means not to kill, but to me it has a much broader meaning. It means that you cannot offend anyone, that you must have compassion for the other, even if it is your enemy. For those who follow this doctrine, there is no enemy. Those who believe in the efficacy... More
Air Hunter italy
Steel wind vane, with movement on ball bearings.
AKiKO Jewels
AKiKO Jewels manufactures bracelets with high quality raw materials, offering its customers a wide selection at advantageous prices. Each creation is entirely handmade and is available in different colors and patterns.
I produce objects, toys, puzzles, furnishing objects and more in wood, glass and other materials strictly by hand using recycled materials. I am available for production of equal quantities of pieces to be used as favors for graduation, birthdays and various occasions. write me for requests and quotes.
Alchemic Garden
Alchemic Garden Handmade is a craft project that has its roots in a garden that is coming to life. Gardener and crafter, I am creating an alchemical garden that is slowly evolving and growing. My creations are all inspired by this place and carry within them the essence and spirit of the garden. You can also find me on Instagram @ alchemicgarden.handmade
Alchimie d'arte
I create unique pieces for your occasions. From the project to the realization, step by step with you. Each piece is entirely handmade. I am selling pieces of heart and not objects.
I sew fabric bags and accessories with passion. I let myself be inspired by color and practicality, and I put my heart in each of my creations
We are artisans, imaginative, dreamers and perhaps a little deluded. We create T-shirts that want to talk about you, your day or your mood. We take care of the quality of the product and we do it in full respect of the environment. We are young enough to have new ideas. We are old enough to treasure past experiences. We are optimistic, we are serious, we are honest, we are prepared. That's all.
Alessandro Morino Art
Contemporary art, crafts
alex beltramini's creations
Passionate about weaving and craftsmanship, I create my works placing them between art, craftsmanship and design. I like experimenter, merging multiple techniques from multiple fields. Password: play!
Ali sulla Luna
Ali sulla Luna is an independent craft project on the road! In fact, my workshop is located aboard my house on wheels! I want my jewelry to be like me, messy, impossible and above all moody! I imagine whales flying together with the moon, fantastic animals and imaginary creatures and I carry them back to metals!