les abeilles - Pocket emptier in pure Venetian glass, sturdy and exceptionally transparent. cm.24x18

The print is taken from a medieval bestiary, a Byzantine manuscript of the late 1300s preserved in the Bibliotheque Sainte Genevieve of Paris. The bees fly in ranks, the number 9 has a very strong esoteric symbolism, of cosmic perfection. Dante identifies in the number nine the maximum expression of divine love as it has as its square root the number three, the most holy trinity. In number nine he also identifies Beatrice, an angelic woman, who appeared to him for the first time at the age of nine. The second meeting takes place exactly nine years later, when Beatrice gives her first greeting to Dante. Nine are the circles of hell and the types of sin and nine are the celestial spheres of Heaven the iconography of the bee is very ancient, we find it in Arab, Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures. According to the myth, Zeus, father of all gods, was called Melisseo, Man-Ape. Legend has it that Zeus was fed as a child by the bees of Crete and wanted their body to be the color of gold. No wonder these tiny animals represent in a symbolic key of life, strength, nobility, industriousness throughout history. Also because of the precious honey, which was used in the preparation of ragweed, a sacred drink among the Celts, Germans, Greeks and Romans, the priestesses who guarded the secrets of the Eleusinian temple were called "the Bees". The wax comes from the work of the Bee, for the composition of ritual and sacred candles. The Bee is the emblem of the eternal rebirth and renewal of nature, due to the mysterious disappearance in winter and the return in spring. In ancient Egypt, they represented the soul and were born directly from the tears of Ra. If a bee had entered the mouth of a deceased, it would have brought it back to life. This symbol assumed royalty and importance over the centuries, in all cultures, from Palazzo Barberini to Napoleon. emperors and popes made it the emblem and motto of their ideas and ambitions ...



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Bees. A bestiary from the Middle Ages, 1300

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Every great work of art has two faces, one for its time and one for the future, for eternity. Art is what the world will become, not what the world is. When a work of art seems ahead of its time, it is true that time is behind the work. Elegant, unique and refined, the objects of Pulchra Imago are the expression of the eternity of the beauty of art, whatever era it belongs to. A walk through history, on the trail of manual skills and aesthetics over time. Pulchra Imago means “Beautiful Image” in Latin, the language of our origins and which spans millennia. The charm of the past, art and history are translated by Cristina Casali into trays, valet trays, ornamental plates, crystal paperweights that can be inserted into any furnishing context. Pulchra imago respects the authorship of the works, applying the original image in high definition under glass, in a sort of permanent crystallization, testifying to the immortality of contemporary art. After a long process the work is finished in gold, silver or copper leaf. The selection of prints is also declined on natural textiles, linen, hemp, cotton. Particular attention goes to the recovery of dusty linens, sheets and tablecloths forgotten in the family trunks. We invite our customers to give them new life, personalizing them with our proposals, to create cushions, runners, placemats ... different furnishing accessories, which smell of home and past affections. An archive of over 100,000 artistic images full of details, monograms, symbolisms will guarantee a choice absolutely designed for a meaningful and classy object, for oneself or for a non-trivial and valuable gift.
Ho già acquistato da loro. Le creazioni sono di ottima fattura. I venditori sono persone gentili e disponibili e soprattutto precisi e puntuali. Consiglio a tutti di acquistare le loro creazioni.
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si vede che tutto è lavorato e realizzato a mano, lo indosso spesso e non passa inosservato. elegante fine delizioso unico come non se ne vedono in giro.
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Tempi di consegna veloci, confezionata in modo adeguato e ottimo anche per un regalo.
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Non ho parole per esprimere la mia sorpresa all'arrivo del pacco, super-celere, perfettamente incartato e accompagnato da biglietto
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Soddisfattissima ;)
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